Thursday, February 21, 2008

Taking the "fun" out of Fundamentalism

If you want to have the shock of your life, I have a website for you to visit.

On this website are quotes from various religious websites, mostly forums on which ordinary people who self-identify as fundamentalist christians post their opinions about everything from current events (the back-of-the-head classroom shooting of a gay 15 year old by a 14 year old classmate, for example) to classic issues such as evolution, sex education, the age of the earth, etc.

The more outrageous of these quotes are posted on a site that is dedicated to posting them for the entertainment of visitors and members alike. Unfortunately, a lot of the quotes are superficially hilarious due to their very absurdity, but when a moment is taken to reflect on the fact that the original posters actually believe the drivel they post, the sheer level of stupidity they demonstrate is alarming enough to make one fear for the future of the human race. And then there are those who are so steeped in the stultifying repressiveness of their beliefs that they have come to be the very evil they fear. These people make me utterly ashamed to ever have called myself a christian.

Some of the stupid quotes (remember, the people saying these things really believe them!):

“[Referring to J.K. Rowling] Because she's a member of the Church Of Scotland, believes in God, and does a lot of good things? Sorry, that doesn't make anyone a Christian.” (What does she have to do, sacrifice her first born son as a burnt offering? Shoot gender dysphoric teens in the back of the head? Murder a doctor who performs abortions? When did christianity become an exclusive country club, the membership of which is under your control??)

“…where Science contradicts something clearly revealed in Scriptures, Science is mistaken.” (Never mind that scripture says that insects have four legs, bats are birds, and rabbits chew cud.)

“The fact that there is no evidence of God existing is even more proof that he does, as it proves that he is a supernatural being.” (Well, there is no evidence of leprechauns, mermaids, and tokoloshies existing, so is that even more proof that they do, as it proves they are supernatural beings? And, of course, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny, can’t possibly exist because they actually leave evidence of their existence in the form of gifts, cash, or brightly coloured eggs and sweets, right?)

“I think this makes it very clear that the bible is only talking about "good" slavery.” (Oh, like “good” murder or “good” adultery or “good” rape or “good” child molesting?)

“I'm also coming to the conclusion -- through my own "science-less" investigation -- that cancer is not actually a "disease" at all. Sounds weird, but tumors are actually the body's defense mechanism that kicks into gear to surround the cells that are out of control. The formation of a tumor is actually a self-defense mechanism designed to control the spread of the problem...therefore when science cuts tumors out of people, they are actually causing the cancer to spread!” (OK, this is not just stupid, it is stupidly dangerous. Imagine someone with operable cancer deciding against it because of this stupidity. For those of you who don’t know, the tumor IS the cancer.)

“You say you're supposed to be nice to the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians and the Methodists and this, that, and the other thing. Nonsense. I don't have to be nice to the spirit of the Antichrist. I can love the people who hold false opinions but I don't have to be nice to them.” (So, people who belong to christian churches that have been around centuries longer than yours are spirits of the Antichrist? And it’s OK to be rude to people who don’t parrot your own narrow belief system? What a lovely representative for Jesus you are!)

“If electricity were real, and we really had an electric potential of 200 volts from head to toe, why arn't we being zapped by lightning every living second? Why do bacteria and viruses change and evolve by the scientists terms? It's because of God trying to punish the sinful, the scientists are the median between God giving his vengeance to the sinful, so when the scientists cure a so called disease God changes the structure so it can continue killing the sinned.You can't even prove that God doesnt exist, look at Africa, they don't worship the Savior so they have famine thrust upon them.” (Electricity doesn’t exist? So why is everybody here so mad at Eskom? God uses bacteria and viruses to punish the sinful? My oldest son nearly died of spinal meningitis when he was only 5 months old…what sin had he committed that was punishable by death? This moron has obviously never heard of our Grammy-winning gospel choir…)

“All ppl think they have the answer to something until their own science proves them wrong. Science is always discovering new things. If you'd ask a guy who lives by science if the heart had a brain a few years back, he'd say" NO..... I know this b.c of science" ...and now we know the heart has a brain.” (OK, this one is so monumentally stupid I can’t even formulate a response to it.)

Then there are the scary ones, and the truly evil and malicious, often convinced their evil is goodness itself. These people make me shudder. Some examples:

“…for those who say, "God is cruel by killing the infants of Sodom and Gomorrah," let's follow this through now. Suppose that God knows that city [sic] is full of diseases - including the children - because of their just horrible practices with all sorts of things they were doing. Incest and homosexuality and things filled that society with diseases. God's people are going to move into this area. God says, "I want you to kill the whole population for their own good and for your good so this disease is wiped out off the Earth." Then the guy is a smart god to command the execution. It's like me pulling weeds out of my flower garden.” (Considering the omnipotent nature of this man's god, doesn't it seem just a little unnecessary to commit genocide, including innocent infants, when the god is capable of simply curing the diseases? And the fact that this guy considers the mass murder of a multitude of babies to be of no more consequence than weeding his garden is, to me, blood-curdling.

“When asked how many Muslims he knows] What the HELL does this have to do with anything? Why do you libfuks always think that if one does not "personally know" (muslim, fag, commie, liberal{I'm being redundant}insert your choice here) or any other dregs of society, that we don't have the right, nor the ability to form an impression, or conception, or speak with any confidence about that muslim, fag, commie, etc.?” (By all means, work up a good hate for people and ideologies you know little or nothing about. If you actually knew something about these people, you might have to change your narrow little mind…and we couldn’t have that, now, could we?)

“ [about a report that Saudi Arabia has sentenced a 'Witch' to the death penalty] “Believe it or not, witchcraft is a serious problem in Pakistan; I believe in them completely and I think that they should be punished like this. These types of cruel punishments have the biggest deterrence than any other punishment.” (The “witch” was accused and convicted of causing a man to be impotent. Most likely her husband, since in her society she is not even allowed to be alone in the presence of a man to whom she is not closely related. She is going to be beheaded. This is fundamentalism at its worst (I make no distinction between Muslim and Christian fundamentalism: they are just different colours of the same garment)…not even the tiniest glimmer of light and reason permitted to crack open the dark, suffocating sphere of repressive beliefs.)

“God ordained the torture of Christ for our benefit. So that one day we may be so lucky as to see the kingdom of heaven. The torture of Christ on the cross came for a greater benefit. It saved all who profess faith in him. Torture, if used to benefit the greater good and save American lives, isn't morally wrong. However, it should only be reserved for when it is known that a terrorist has information that would save American lives. We have to be very careful with the people we decide to waterboard, and so far the government has done it's job.” (No, it has not. The US Constitution very clearly proscribes “cruel and unusual” punishments, and no amount of sophistry can contravene the intent of the framers to prohibit such things.)

“Evolution does not exist. It was invented by a jewish pig, Darwin. But there is one thing for sure. We WILL kill them... and soon!” (Gee, ignorance, anti-Semitism, misidentification (Darwin was not Jewish, he was CoE and studied to be a vicar!), and a premeditated violation of one of the more important Commandments. Peace and love to you, too!)

“I'm just waiting for Armageddon. I'm waiting for Jesus to destroy America and this entire piece of dung world. When God destroys America and the rest of the world, there will finally be peace on the land. No more evil when Armageddon Comes. No more satanic feminism. No more satanic child support laws that enslave millions of men. Thank you Jesus for the Coming Armageddon.” (I think this guy is just one Past Due bill away from taking his arsenal out in a duffel bag and attempting to bring on Armegeddon himself. This is good example why many people consider fundamentalists to be “death cult worshippers,” because so many actually subordinate actually living today to their expectations of the hereafter.)

Multiple quotes regarding the aforementioned 15 year old gender dysphoric student shot in the back of the head by a 14 year old classmate:

“Moral: Don't be gay.”

“His daily parade of his sexuality through the use of clothing, make up and so forth is, in fact, harrassment. Remember, these kids are forced by state law to attend these schools. It's the school's choice to inflict sexual offense on the kids. Obviously one young child was harrassed to the point he felt it necessary to defend himself with a firearm.”

“The sick freak didn't belong in school. He belonged in a mental institution. So do his "parents". As far as the degenerates wanting to crucify a 14 year old child for this; I would expect nothing less from them. If the situation were reversed and the freak had killed the straight kid, they would have a million excuses why the freak shouldn't be punished. The kid should not be tried as an adult. The administration should be put on trial for letting such abominable sick costume displays n school. When kids are allowed to act out their pathologies, nothing good results.”
(Note: in California when a person is convicted as a juvenile, he goes to a youth prison and will be set free (and his criminal record sealed) no later than his 24th birthday. If tried as an adult, he will go to the youth prison until he is of legal age, then transferred to an adult prison to serve out his sentence. Trying the offender as a juvenile guarantees his return to freedom, with a clean criminal record, in ten years or less.)

On this particular thread there is an abundance of hatred towards the dead youth and a huge tide of sympathy for the shooter. A family in California is burying their teenaged son because someone didn’t like the way he dressed, and these people, who have the audacity to call themselves christians, are lauding the killer. It is a chilling testimony as to where the disciples of Jesus have gone astray and taken a left into the Dark Side.

I'll leave you with a quote from one of the denizens of the website exposing all this insanity:
“Why is it you assholes always define yourselves by what you hate?”

To shake up your complacency a bit, visit Just don’t be shocked at what you read…and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Just for grins, see if you can figure out which of the quotes in this entry is from Dr. Dino himself, the convicted fraudster now serving time in a Federal penitentiary, Kent Hovind.


  1. As someone who believes in God (I'm not technically a Christian), I am shocked, saddened and horrified at this!
    These people are everything that is wrong with this world. Intolerance is the bane of our society.

    I'm heading over to voice my opinion too.

  2. Link back
    I found a website that I feel the need to share with you. I was over on my arch nemesis Sweet Violets blog today, Actually SV and I are closer to being friendly these days than when we first met. Violet is an American implant


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