Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome Puddin’ Tayne!

We’re getting a puppy!

That’s right…on 6 February my Valentine’s present will be delivered to my front door by her present papa…a brand new Yorkie puppy!

I’ve been wanting a Yorkie for about ten years…and for the past four years or so, every time Hubby asks what I want for Christmas, birthday, Valentine’s.—any gift-giving occasion—I have said something like “What I really want is a Yorkie, but I’ll settle for a watch (purse, bracelet, whatever).” Well, last week he asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day and when I said I wanted a Yorkie, he just said “OK.”

I was so surprised that I had to ask “Are you serious??” When he confirmed, I was just in shock…finally, I get to have a Yorkie!

So, last Saturday we drove two hours up the coast to look at a litter of pups and one of them just melted his heart. Hubby has huge hands and this sweet little thing just stretched out on her back in his palm and went to sleep. She paddled her legs in the air like she was running and made little sucking motions with her mouth and he was won over.

Before we got back home, she had a name…Puddin’ Tayne…and soon we began the process of getting ready for a new puppy. We’ve discussed having a Yorkie many times in the past and Hubby has staunchly insisted that if we got one, it would be named Puddin’—Yorkshire pudding, anyone? —and despite my desire to name her Ghillie, he got his way. Oh well, I’m finally getting my Yorkie, so I guess he can have the pleasure of naming her. Hubby had never heard the childhood rhyme “What’s your name?” “Puddin’ Taine, ask me again and I’ll tell you the same,” and when I told it to him, he liked it as part of her name.

So, the accumulation of puppy stuff continues as we count down the days until that sweet little Yorkie baby comes home.

With all the other doggies thinking they are the Number One dog in the house, this is gonna be interesting!

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  1. So cute indeed,a real great Valentine celebration with little puppy.Have a great time besides Wish you all a Happy Valentine ahead.

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  2. I'm happy to hear about your new puppy. Interesting name ... lol :D

  3. I'm so happy for you, that you are getting your Yorkie! Hooray!

    She will melt your heart, and the other dogs hearts too!!

    Keep us posted on the progress.


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