Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I am not going to be blogging least not for a considerable while.

Too much is going on in my life, things are too chaotic, even when I can carve out the time to write, I can't order my brain to think properly, to create and put down cohesive thoughts. And the attempt just frustrates me more, adding to my already overwhelming stress levels.

I may be back, after the move to Johannesburg and getting settled in, but I am not making any promises. I already feel totally sucked dry and the actual move is still a month or more away.

Those of you who have my email address can be in touch with me that way. Otherwise, you can reach me through FaceBook where I am Sweet Violet. Send me a message and I'll reply.

Please keep well.


  1. I'll miss your interesting and INTELLIGENT comments - good luck with the move - and I look forward to seeing you online again in 2010!
    Firenze Cards

  2. Oh SV, I am so sorry to hear you aren't going to be blogging for a while (I hope it's not permanent) but I do understand that your life is in a bit of a turmoil. I am really hoping that the move to Johannesburg goes well and that it turns out to be a good one for you and your hubby. I will stay in touch with FB, of course--so this is not goodbye.

    Sometimes I think it is a good idea to take a 'Blogcation' -- I have been struggling a little with keeping up with my blog recently since I am so busy right now.

    Take care, my friend--


  3. Hi SV - you will be sorely missed, so I do hope this isn't permanent. From the old days on MWEB I have enjoyed all your postings, the stories of your youth and your sage advice from cleaning to cooking to life in general. To say nothing of carpets and flooring - I owe my oiled french oak floors to your advice! I hope you get through this bleak period ok. You will miss Cape Town but can always come back for holidays, and no doubt hubby will be transferred back again one day to be near the nuke stations. Maybe the move is good for him career-wise right now. You will eventually enjoy Joburg - truly. The scenery sucks but there are beautiful places not far away - a good excuse to go travelling! But the people are very friendly and it's a vibrant, cosmopolitan place, so it's not going to be all bad. Please take care - will be thinking of you guys. Keep us posted. All the best, Albie

  4. SV, I already miss your comments in B.C discussions,but I hope you will back on your blog in a few days. Your love for a particular city (Cape Town) seems to be so natural. I was born in Kashmir but because I have already spent nearly 17 years in Lahore therefore I don't want to leave this city even for Kashmir.
    Don't worry hope soon you will be fine in new city as well.
    My prayers are with you......

    Ibn Hanif (PearlTrader, BlogCatalog)

  5. Lots of people take blogging breaks and you are in need of one. I'll stay in touch with you by email.
    Love always

  6. Respected SV, I'm still waiting to see you back with newer posts. May your arrival in a new city bring more happiness in your life. Ameen.
    With best wishes!

  7. I understand. I will think of you and wish you the best.


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