Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The fun never stops...

Went to get new glasses yesterday.

Doc says I have cataracts. They need to be removed.

Oh joy...eye surgery.

I just can't wait to see what is coming next...


  1. Well, I can think of one positive aspect of this (I know, though--surgery of any kind is a drag). Do you wear glasses at all? For reading or otherwise? My mother, who was nearly blind for most of her life (not really--but just really bad eyesight) had cataract surgery about 2 years ago--and since then, she no longer has to wear glasses at all!

    She also said the surgery didn't hurt at all--and what she told me is that she actually was hoping to have this surgery because she knew it would also correct her eyesight!

    But ugh! I do agree--health problems of any kind are a drag, for real!

  2. Well, poo! So sorry to hear about the eyes, but I'm sure you, too, have heard that this is a procedure that has minimum short term impact for good long term results. I've several friends who have had to deal with this and only one was wacked out by it and wanted to wait a year before tackling the second eye. My good thoughts are with you. Norine.


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