Monday, May 09, 2011


Apparently Google did some kind of "upgrade" to the system between my last post and now and just didn't bother to tell us users about it. As a result, I could not publish because of a timestamp error that was incorrectable.

Seems the solution was to go into "Settings" and select the new editor (even though I like the old one better, it doesn't work for me any more).

So, if you have a Google (Blogger) blog and it is suddenly not allowing you to publish, please go to SETTINGS, scroll down until you see the choice of editors: whichever editor you have, (new or old), choose the other one, then put up a test blog entry like this one to see if it works.

I'll be back when I have a post ready.

NOTE TO BLOGGER: 1) for crying out loud, TELL people when you change things!! 2) give us a place to report glitches like this that does NOT involve the user know, something that your engineers actually see. The problem is that a question can languish in the user form for months, unanswered, and that means your engineers don't know about the problem...and the blogger eventually has to move to a competing blog platform because he can't find a way to make yours work.

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  1. Glad to have you back. Hope this also solves the unpredictability of sending you a comment. Care, Norine


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