Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Snow? WTF??

Bird of Paradise flowers in my back garden in the snow
It is snowing outside.

I live in a brick house with no central heating, and it is snowing outside. In Africa.

The inside of my house is like the inside of a refrigerator.

I hate snow.

It never snowed in Cape Town--not even a little bit. Every time I think Joburg maybe isn't as bad as I was thinking, something like this happens to remind me why I was right about this place.

I HATE snow.

And it is snowing outside.


  1. It happens from time to time. It'll last about a day :-)

  2. And it's 105 here in Modesto, CA - just like every frickin' summer - well, sometimes it is 110. Likewise I HATE the heat - anything over 75. I'd suggest trading places for a few weeks/months; but I can't imagine anyone voluntarily moving here. Norine

  3. How did the dogs react to the snow?

    1. None of it stuck to the ground...it melted as soon as it hit. And the dogs are such spoilt little darlings that it was too cold to go outside--the got to the door and balked at the cold when I opened it. Puddin' stood in front of the sliding glass door and watched it, barking at the fattest snowflakes the blew towards the glass, but Lovey just went back to her warm bed!

      Now, less than month after the snow, we are running the a/c and leaving doors and windows open during the day...and according to the calendar, it is still winter and will be for another 2.5 weeks! We have VERY long summers in South Africa!!

  4. keep writing please.....


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