Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Have you ever seen anything more spectacular?

This is one of the plants growing at the Goble Palms Guest House in Durban. I've never seen anything like it before, and it took a lot of Googling to finally track it down.

The plant is called "medinilla magnifica" or "rose grape" and this stunning flower is about 10 inches long. A native of the Philippines, it can be an invasive plant since each flower ripens into a berry that, once dropped to earth, will become a new plant. It is, however, a breathtakingly beautiful flower.

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  1. It is true beauty! I have dreamed to have it ever since I've seen it a year ago and this Christmas finally got it as a gift! But! Ever since then, every single day is loosing a leave. In this rate in 5days there will be only sticks poking out. Trying to find any info why this may be happening.The leaves first go a bit black at the base and a day after this come down. Have been trying to do everything by the book, can you tell me why is this happening,please:(

  2. Try the advice on this website regarding the care of this plant:

  3. medinilla has very showy flowers, true. I was in love with it also :) show me who didn't - ha?
    My friend - she has very good hand for plants - bought it 2 times and both times it died after 2-3 months. No idea why :(

  4. thanks for the tip! :)

    i was searching for info on how to care for this plant. thanks!!!


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