Sunday, August 03, 2008

High class troubles...

Don’t you just hate a whiner?

For the record, there is a difference between whining (or whinging, if you prefer) and complaining. Complaining has a legitimacy to it, like when your soup is cold and your drink is warm and your waiter cannot be found to rectify the situation. But whining…well, that has an air of petulance, peevishness, and self-interest above all else.

I cruise several sites for interesting blogs to read and this morning, on a new (to me) site, I came across what I consider to be one of the championship whiners of all time:

Ok... I'm in Hawai'i... the island of paradise... right?

Or... am I just bored to tears, waiting to waste my day away playing cards with my sick mother, sipping ginger in water to keep myself from getting sick... and wondering when the rest of my family is going to come home from the beach at Mauna'Lani so that we can go eat at Cafe Pesto... where the only thing that I can eat (being a food allergic vegan) is the salad with oil and vinegar and their pizza crust. Erg...

I'm actually happy to be coming home to the snow... at least I'll be spending a few days in Santa Cruz WITHOUT my family - my hair is whittled down to the roots... I need to come home.

But what is home, really? Growing up, it was where I lived. But, now, since I've moved out and have never really had a very stable home base for three years now... living in one place or another for no longer than one year or so... where am I? I feel like I've found a home now... but it's still not my own. It's in St. Louis... the place a couple hours away from homey ole' Columbia, MO. I'm uprooted, it seems. I just want to go to the bar down the way in that restaurant, I think it's called the Beach House or something, and have a friggin' Black Russian... or a Mind Eraser... hmm... Kahlua and vodka... yummy... Erg.

It's 4:22 here in Hawai'i time... wow, I've really wasted my day away.

I got a new pair of sneakers from my aunt that she bought from Wal Mart or something - her *favorite* store... erg again... granted, I'm guilty of shopping there sometimes... but still... it's covered in Leather, and I may just sell them on eBay if I don't get coerced into using them, so that I can buy a pair of vegan friendly sneakers to go running in. Hmm... and... I HAVE NO MONEY... AND NO CAR INSURANCE... AND I HAVE TO ... agh... okay *breathe* *breathe*


Where's that Black Russian...

(can anybody tell me where that guy is with the obnoxious mai tai with the umbrella and the Swingline stapler on the reclining chair on the beach? Because he has my brain...)

I've become addicted to Macadamia nuts and Papaya since I've come to Hawai'i for the 4th time in my life... oh wait... 5th time... I think... Whatever...

Mmmm.. Macadamia nuts are sooo good! but so bad for my *svelte* figure that I have to maintain for this dancy thing... and my mental health... uh oh... Lily.... Oh, whatever... I like them...

So... what else was I thinking... *purge, Lily! purge!* Well, I guess that's it... you know... feeling like I should be having more fun here in Hawai'i, but instead, I'm nervous about how much I'm changing... but one must welcome change to be a better person, right?

MM... Macadamia nuts...

So, sorry folks, not much of a tan becoming here... I wasn't into the beach thing that much... don't really know why... just wasn't into it.. exploring Hawai'ian villages? All about it, Baby! But beaching every day? Not so much... so, oh well.. my skin is one step further behind skin cancer than everybody else... and swimming in a pool in the condo complex is just Pointless, when you're in Hawai'i. It is a salt water pool tho... that's pretty cool... easier to float!!

Lots of stray cats here... that's pretty cool... I Like to make eye contact with them when they pass by - as If I'm making mild conversation with another being...

I just had a craving for chestnuts... hmm, I wonder what that means? I wonder where I can find chestnuts...?

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