Friday, September 04, 2009

Are you looking for a job?

When I was in college, I managed a local branch of a nationwide résumé service during my summer breaks. Later on, I operated a desktop publishing business in which résumés were among my biggest sellers. And I spent four years in the trenches as a technical headhunter in Silicon Valley followed by a year managing the recruiting department of a small Silicon Valley high tech firm.

Those experiences taught me a great deal about job hunting, even in a bad economy. I have interviewed hundreds of people in my life and read ten times as many résumés. Over time I began to see patterns, to recognize when people were doing the right thing and when they were not. I saw what kinds of résumés my managers liked and listened to their complaints about the ones they didn't like and, by debriefing my managers and getting feedback from them about candidates, I learned about successful and unsuccessful interviewing.

I have recently written a series of articles called "Surviving a Soft Economy" for The Angels Weekly. This series teaches you how to create the résumé that will best showcase your skills and abilities and give you the best shot at getting those all-important interviews...there is even a free, downloadable sample résumé that you can customize for yourself! The articles also give you insider tips on creating a great cover letter, effective interviewing techniques, and how to answer tough questions like "What are your weaknesses?" in ways that advantage you. The series started yesterday and you can take advantage of my years of experience in this industry just by clicking here!

Good luck and happy job hunting!

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  1. Thanks! I can use some help with my resume. And thanks for the info on the salmonella... my friend keeps chickens, so I was curious how that works.


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