Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sorry to say, it ain't good news...

Being the incurable optimist that I have long been, I keep expecting things to get better. At this juncture, however, I am beginning to wonder why, since that just doesn't seem to be happening.

I had a doctor's appointment on the 24th and the news about the foot is good...the tendon is healing, the bone seems to be knit, all without cortisone. Unfortunately, however, the results of my blood tests were not good...I have a combinations of conditions that are commonly called "Metabolic Syndrome" or "Syndrome X." In plain terms, I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Yay...just what I wanted.

So, doc put me on a cocktail of pills (I also have a sinus infection, so between all of those, it's been 14 pills a day) and overnight I have gone from feeling pretty good to feeling sick all of the time. Shaky, sweaty, woozy, no energy, queasy...who knew that being well made you feel like crap?

Since Hubby has been a Syndrome X sufferer for eight years, I am relying on him for advice and support. He says my body will acclimatize to the lower blood sugar and all the pills, but frankly, the way I have felt for the last 10 days, I'm having long ruminations about quality of life vs. quantity. You see, in addition to the restrictions that a diabetic diet place on me, I have long-standing IBS which rules out a lot of high-fibre foods, the very stuff that makes up the bulk of a diabetic diet. Syndrome X diet restrictions pretty much leaves nothing to eat but whole grain cereals, broiled, skinned chicken breasts and veggies...IBS rules out whole grains and most of the veggies, especially raw ones.

So, as I struggle with this and try to find both things to eat and times to eat them that don't leave me with my eyeballs spinning in low blood sugar vertigo or sweating like a pig and gasping in a high-blood sugar assault, I get a phone call on Monday morning...someone has darted her Hyundai SUV into a turn lane right in front of Hubby (without looking in the direction of oncoming traffic, mind you) and he has hit her virtually head on. The S2000 is toast. The whole front end is going to have to be replaced...even the license plate was literally broken in half! Hubby is OK...just upset that his beautiful car now has to spend a month in the panel beaters and is no longer pristine, all because someone else was not paying attention.

The move to the new house is coming along...NOT! Hubby kindly allowed the sellers another three months in the house past the original possession date because they had not yet found a place to move to. It worked for us because we needed to find someone to take over our lease on this house so we wouldn't be obligated to pay both the mortgage on the new house and the lease on this one. Well, we found new tenants for this house and they are moving on on 1 September, which means we have to have this house cleared out and clean by 31 August. Unfortunately, our new house won't be available 31 August...we've asked if they can be out before then and were informed that they had a contractual agreement with us until 1 September. So much for being the cost of our move more than doubles...from about R8K to as much as R18K because the furniture will have to be stored overnight. Why this doubles the cost baffles me, but that's what the quotes say.

As noted before, I am ordinarily an incurable optimist and that is doubtless why I expect each one of these little disasters to be the last. Unfortunately, since last October things just seem to go from bad to worse, and pretty much on a weekly basis now. I can feel myself starting to feel discouraged...

Anybody got a spare ray of sunshine they can send my way?

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