Monday, August 30, 2010

Augh! Moving!

My faith in the rightness of our decision to leave this neighbourhood was reinforced in spades yesterday...two power failures before noon, and it was a Sunday! We moved boxes and small items for two days, completely filling the lounge (living room) of the cottage attached to the house. Today the moving company is supposed to about an hour...and start packing up the furniture. They are supposed to finish tomorrow and deliver the stuff to the new house on Wednesday.

So far, it has gone smoothly. Nothing lost or broken, no lollygagging workers, just schlepping boxes to the trailer, taking them to the house and schlepping them inside the cottage. No tempers, no huge stress, just fatigue and a completely freaked Yorkie.

The bad news, however, is that our seller (now our tenant) is being a prick. We were supposed to have access to the cottage for our boxes and he locked both the bedroom and the bathroom and the kitchen was littered with crap so we couldn't use it, either. He lied to the estate agent, saying he would be out of town this weekend while we were shifting boxes when, in fact he was actually home...Hubby saw him in the back garden momentarily. When Hubby rang the bell to the main house to ask the man to unlock the bathroom, they refused to answer.

We got a glimpse of the back garden and it is a disaster. The pool is green and full of dirt, the plants have brown tips (means they haven't been watered in ages), the flower beds and paving is littered with leaves, indicating no raking or sweeping has been done for weeks, maybe even months. When Hubby gets the house keys Tuesday, I am hoping he will have some sharp words for the man. The guy acts like we screwed him out of his house and he can only get satisfaction by being passively aggressive towards us by neglecting the property and obstructing us at every turn, but the truth is, the price we offered just squeaked past the appraisal...had we offered any more, the house would not have appraised high enough to secure the loan. In other words...we offered what the house was worth, he didn't get screwed on the price.

So, I have to get going now, get ready for the moving van that should be here any time now, and start packing my life up yet again. I moved only twice in 26 years in California...this is my fourth move since 2003. Hope it is the last for a very, very long time!


  1. Unless you held a gun to the seller's head or held his family hostage while he signed the sales agreement, the seller was not "forced" to sell to you. He's also an idiot. Norine

  2. The Seller accepted your offer, so why is he so upset? He could have easily declined, and kept his home on the market!! Good luck for the rest of the week.

  3. Ugh! I hate moving but I trust it will all be worth the hassle. I've seen pictures of your beautiful new home. Keep your eyes on that prize, SV--and meanwhile, I'm sending you all my good energy for the event. And BOO on the seller! What a jerk!

    Take care,


  4. I thought for certain I'd left a comment on this post. I did read it previously and thought I did. Hmnnnn. It must not have gone through. Anyway--wishing you all the best with the move and hope it is a LONG time before you have to do it again!


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