Thursday, January 27, 2011

How about some cute Yorkie pics?

Puddin' and Lovey.

Lovey is in the jammies because she decided to take a walk on Sunday...into the pool! Apparently she has not yet grasped the concept of "transparency" as she still tries to walk through glass doors and on Sunday, tried to walk on the surface of the pool. Fortunately, Hubby was in the pool when it happened and fished her out, but even as he grabbed her, she had bobbed to the surface and was swimming for the edge! But even after I dried her off, she was shaking, so I dug out Puddin's outgrown flannel jammies and put them on Lovey, and in no time she was back to her pugnacious self!

Puddin' at the window: we have rented our cottage to a lady who has two young cats. They have just gotten up the courage to explore the back garden and they decided to investigate the potted plants on my patio...just outside this window. Puddin', who has very little experience with cats, was fascinated by them. Days later, she is still checking all the windows and doors that lead out to the patio, hoping they will come back!

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