Friday, February 04, 2011

What would you ask God?

Yesterday I posted the following on my Facebook page: Some of us are believers...some of us are not. But, for the sake of argument, let's say that the god of the Christians is sitting across the table from you and you can ask him/her one question and get an honest answer. What would that question be?

I got some interesting responses:

What’s your real view on homosexuality?

"Is the Christian bible really your words, and if so, did you really intend for all humanity, regardless of nationality and cultural background, to follow and believe the Christian bible as interpreted by assorted clerics starting in Europe over a few centuries in the dark ages up until today?"

"If you gave humans free will and logic, then is it true you still punish for all eternity those who use those skills to determine you don't exist?"

"Why did you invent plague, famine, and mothers?"

"Why do u allow children to be so horribly abused?"

"How is it you allow horrible things happen to innocents?"

"If the only way to God is through Jesus then how come if someone is born in another part of the world where the teachings are the Buddha how come they miss out on going to heaven?"

“How did you come into existence?” about YOU? If you had the chance to put a question to God and get an honest answer back, what would you ask? Leave a comment...I'm interested to know.

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  1. Most people think they need God, when in fact, I believe that it is the opposite that is true. God needs us. When He does, He calls us in such a way that we will find it impossible not to answer, and we we will do and act in ways that we once would think were impossible for us to to do.

    But in the doing, we will find ourselves so more fulfilled and blessed that the calling will be secondary to the acts that have followed.

    Old books are old books written in old times by people who believed old things. Does the God of the Old Testament resemble the God we purport to worship today? I think not. In times of want or need (such as in the past) people would limit those who were or are acceptable to receive. That is not a problem today. Today, all are welcome to the table.

    As they should be.


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