Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grass don't grow under MY feet!

Ya know that flat my of my brother-in-law's, the one the tenants screwed up and the rental agent allowed to fall to wrack and ruin? Well, in the space of a month my husband and I (and a really talented, diligent contractor) have cleaned it out, renovated it...and rented it out!

He finished the work yesterday, we took the deposit and signed a lease with a couple of nice young black career women, and by Monday the cash should start flowing in the correct direction again. Here's a pic of the kitchen after installing a new floor, new kitchen cabinets, new kitchen stove, and new tiled counter tops. Didn't that contractor do a super job??


  1. Looks like a new place. He really is diligent - and this is only the kitchen. You had said every room needed work. Glad to see your successes there. Ceramic tile everywhere - it's my dream :-). Norine

  2. Good for you, Vi! Show people good old yankee ingenuity and provide some needed housing for those trying to better themselves.


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