Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Cell C lame it's almost funny!

Yesterday I received a comment on my post "Dear Cell C" that was supposedly from the CEO of the company. I dunno if it was really him or a person with a sick sense of humour, but it doesn't matter since I was unable to respond to LPR's offer to help me because LPR didn't bother to leave me a number, email address, or other means to send him my contact details. In case you don't already know, leaving a comment on a blog in no way enables the blogger to contact you back, especially if your own profile is private and the blogger get can't into it to send you a message back!

Then, this morning, I got an email from Cell C's Customer (dis)Service saying...and I quote..."kindly contact up on 140 fro more information on your speed stick." It was followed by a link entitled "Disclaimer."

OK, I wasn't born yesterday and the dismal spelling and (lack of) capitalization put me in mind of a phishing scam. Add to that the fact that dialing "140" on the cell phone got me to a recording that told me there was no such number. I am actually hoping that this email was a phishing scam or some lame attempt at a hoax because if that email really did come from Cell C, the company is even more hopeless than I thought.

Meanwhile, I have been without landline service since Tuesday morning...Telkom tells me this morning that I am not the only one in my area reporting trouble. Ummm...okay...then shouldn't that make this a higher priority than just one lone person calling up to report a line fault? The technician agreed to "escalate" the report, whatever that means. But for the short term, I have no land line, which means no phones, no fax, no ADSL, and this miserable stick...which works capriciously at my only link to the net.

I love South Africa, but if American telecom companies worked like the local companies, there would be some serious head rolling going on!!

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