Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Poll results

Fifteen people responded to the question "What in this series of posts most influences whether or not you will visit [the restaurant]"

Sweet Violet's experience: 0
SV's writing style: 2
The manager's responses to SV: 12
SV's responses to the manager: 0
None of the above: 1

I'm not sure how my style of writing (as opposed to the content) was included in the poll because the manager seemed to think it was significant. If you were one of the two who voted regarding my style being influential, please drop me a comment and enlighten me as to your reasoning.

Then again...this poll was open to anyone, who's to say the manager didn't drop by and click that button himself, just to make sure his point was validated?

1 comment:

  1. hi, sv
    i voted for your writing style because i have been following your blog for years, and always enjoy your topics and style - informative, well researched, well reasoned and amusing. so, if you had never written about dcd, i would still be reading.
    i also thought including the option of 'writing style' was a bit odd, but i couldn't honestly say i was only reading because of the particular topic. thanks for great reading material.


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