Saturday, September 06, 2008

Whiling away the weekend...

Yellow star: my house. Green star: the vlei

Racing season is upon us. In the stillness of a late winter afternoon I can hear the distant drone of the straining engines as they circle the track. It's one of the signs...Spring will soon be here.

But the weather station is predicting rain in two days time, confirming the message my back and hip have been giving me for two days. The vleis are carpeted with wild calla lilies and the Namaqualand is blooming despite winter’s grip having only loosened. More storms brood in the wings, awaiting their cue to lash us with yet more wind, rain, and frigid temperatures.

Soon we will be out in The Baby, her top down, cruising alongside the coastal waterways, admiring the views and basking in the South African sun. But for now we huddle in the warmth of our bed, coddled with quilts and duvets, and nap away a Saturday afternoon to the lulling buzz of the distant races.

Soon it will be spring.

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