Wednesday, September 17, 2008

QuadroBoobs…a new fashion trend?

I’m the first to admit it…I’m not exactly a slave to fashion. I’m into comfort and when comfort and fashion clash in my life, fashion inevitably loses.

But I am a keen observer of fashion, some of which I like and some of which I loathe, and recently I’ve seen something new being paraded about by the young and the trendy in my area: I have taken to calling the phenomenon QuadroBoobs.

We all know what Uniboob is, right? That unfortunate situation in which your bra squashes your boobs together and, instead of creating delicious cleavage, it causes a monolithic block of boob spread across your chest. Some tops will do this, too, but it’s usually bras that seem to be the culprits here. Everybody dislikes Uniboob, and it is the particular bane of the well-endowed. And while it is still seen from time to time, Uniboob is not now…nor has it ever been…a desirable fashion statement.

QuadroBoob, on the other hand, seems to be a new fashion trend for the young fashionista. Perhaps it is the novelty of actually have something there to display…or maybe it is the desire to give the impression of more impressive assets, I don't know. Whatever it is, however, I keep seeing young women wearing bras that allow a second wave of flesh to rise up and over the top of the bra cups, giving the image of four boobs instead of two.

Now, I don’t know if this is a new fashion trend or not. I was rather taken aback by the recent butt cleavage fad and at first I thought all those exposed thongs, g-strings and panty tops were the result of a sudden plague of sloppy grooming. Before that there was the trend of wearing blouses that strained their buttons across the bosom…and in the beginning I thought that suddenly a lot of women had either gone the Pam Anderson route and their blouses didn’t fit anymore, or the blouse manufacturers had become even more stingy with fabric and a blouse tagged size 10 was, in fact, an 8. But no…it was a fashion trend that, while cheap and tacky looking, took the world by storm. Then underwear became outerwear and bra straps no longer needed to be concealed when wearing a tank or tube top, they became part of “the look.” Never mind that the look was decidedly trashy and low rent…it seemed that “slovenly street-corner hooker” was the mode du jour.

So now I am seeing young women with what looks like four boobs. I am large busted and sometimes it is difficult to find bras that fit right…and even more difficult to find ones that both fit right and are pretty…and as a result I have had my own experiences with QuadroBoob. In my case, however, those experiences were a result of a poorly fitted…but pretty!...bra or, more often than not, my failure to take the time to properly “adjust” my assets when getting dressed—definitely not a fashion statement or a ploy to draw attention to that portion of my anatomy.

The reason I’m wondering is that I haven’t seen an epidemic of such slatternly fashion since pube-baring jeans coupled with peeping thongs were riding the crest of the hip wave. Is this really the harbinger of another public eyesore trend or just the carelessness of a handful of women who are either buying bras because they are cute (never mind how they fit) or who are just too careless to put them on right?

Can that many women be that careless all in one place at one time? I certainly hope so!


  1. I'm lucky if my small bustline appears like it consists of even two boobs. So four boobs really does seem excessive! :)

    Ciao, Lilly

  2. You have been tagged. Visit my blog to see how and why.


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